• OP 598 !!! finally finallyyy.......❤ 
  • luffy is still the same .__. ....
  • zoro....❤ i love the scar on his eye *q*
  • nami looks pretty cute with long hair but I have to get used to it x,Dnow she reminds me of Rouge *an a little bit on kana from fairy tail* 
  • usopp is the best in my opinion C; well done Oda xD
  • sanji looks cute C: and now i know why he always hide one half of his face x,D 
  • chopper is cute as ever xDD
  • robin is really beautiful !!I love her new hair 
  • franky...O_o *no comment D,: *
  • brook ..suppaahh x,,D 

i drew this kast week!! i had  a feeling that nami would get long hair..i dont really like it tho 
but i was not really sure about zoro ^^;



Naruto Chapter 511

yyawnnn ich bin soo happyy *o*
ich habe gerade die neuen naruto spoils
gelesen und endlich ein cannon pair
das ich mag x,D

aber arme konan ;^;
kishi tötet alle meine lieblinge D:










don´t watch the movie but the songs aree *______*