going to watch *finally* harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 with my mele todayyy *o*

the movie was just fucking amazing !!!

i still can't believe it's forevaa over ...i’m kinda sad now D,: it´s the end of my childood D,: there were really many amazing scenes !! Ron/Hermione kiss was awesome and neville was just gorgeous i mean i laughed a lot because him and ron xDDD*and my heart always jumped whenever draco has appeared xDD i love you tom felton ♥* i'm not someone who cries but i could not hold back my tears ;O; *expressly at the The Prince’s Tale.*i’m definitely gonna see it again!! but the epilouge disappoint me a bit >: i mean why the fuck they just show the back off bertie gilbert(scorpius malfoy) ??? AND IT WAS TO SHORT !!! but arthur bowen(albus severus potter) was soooo cuteee ♥♥♥

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