chapter 22 what have you done to meh ???:iconlazycryplz::iconlazycryplz::iconlazycryplz::iconlazycryplz:
    -> request for a friend x

    •texture from pixiv
    •ref from tumblr.....THANK YOU TUMBLR
    •sorry for the shit quality ; v ;


i´m meltingg *uuuu*



while practicing to draw touma i thought why shouldn't i draw all of them:"""DD???
well haha but yeah a big excuse for the lines cause they're just colored sketches 
most of them look like shti:iconpapcryplz: it has many mistakes soo IFFF i got time i will edit it 
but i´m very satisfied with touma maybe i submit him later separately : DD



sketches from the new one piece movie ;)



i want to change my blogger theme #mehh



russell giardina ….though my sis says he looks a bit like MJ xD (Wurde mit instagramaufgenommen)


some more chibis ∩(︶▽︶)∩~♥ 
just n update ;D



some VIPS :FF


chibi peeniss....katpiss....whatever~~ x"D was sick this whole week and therefore i didn´t have to go work*nahhahah* but i wish i had some more motivation to draw  =O= i actually never ship the actors who play my OTP buuttt jennifer and josh are soo cute together ~~ they would makesuch an amazing couple x,D



this cover just inspired me  



i discovered my love for a new manga~~ i read a bit online but i´m going to buy it and i hope it is available at the bookstore >//U//<
it’s been at least 4 years since i last bought a manga °O°



i just love  this movie ;O; ..didn’t watched it in a loooong time now and i couldn't remember the most ..so i´ve watched it this weekend again and damn I  haven’t  cry so hard in a long time for a movie ajsdkhdds  xD i sound so cheesy



someone requested one direction from me a while ago and well here it is ÖvÖ
i had really muuuuuuuuch fun drawing this : DD 
wanted to draw them before actually so dat came to me quite right :,D
seriously “one thing”is stuck in my headdddd n i can´t get it outttt ÖVVVVVÖ but i don´t really mind xD
*n works is keeping me busy but i’m working on the comishes Q^Q*



this is one of my first OC´s eva !!! i´ve found an old sketch of him and redone him ÖVÖ he is based on a real life friend *and former crush xDD*  i had no idea what his name was so my friend gave him one *she just translatet a turkish name in to japanese QuQ* ->  Danjuro Takenouchi in short Dan :D 
this wonderful pice is made by NTDevont  and the cat is by ris-m 



today is my last day of vacation…asdfghg don´t want to work againn  (≧0≦)